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  • Sacred Flame's new Windfire Rings
  • The new Ethereal Fire hoop
  • Sacred Flame's original Fire Trinity hoops
  • Find out more about the designs

Bring your hoop dance to a higher state

Sacred Flame combines the magic of modern hoop dance with ancient and visionary inspired designs. These hoops are as much a work of art as they are an excellent flow tool.


Each hoop is carefully handcrafted to ensure quality and durability. They are lightweight, collapsible, blessed with sacred imagery and all fire hoops are outfitted with flexible spines.


We strive to provide you with amazing, artful tools to uplift both your state of flow and your state of mind.



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The Power of Fire lies not only in its destructive nature, but also in its ability to so strongly captivate our minds.


For many a millennia mankind has gathered around fires and gazed into the flames; the hypnotic state this induces could have very well been the first spark to our imaginations – the kindling to the flame of human consciousness as we now know it.


The harnessing of fire roughly 500,000 years ago has indeed powered the vehicle of our evolutionary path. It is no wonder that fire is so prevalent in every system of beliefs.